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Delivery and shipping terms and conditions

1. Shipping costs

The shipping costs and delivery time displayed are those for metropolitan France or other countries according to final destination.

The company PICULUS SARL/R&M COUDERT uses different shipping modes according to the nature of the products (dimensions, weight) and shipping destination (Paris and suburb, province, foreign country), such as COLISSIMO LA POSTE 48H or express courier companies.

Shipping costs never include insurance against loss or damage to the product transported.

2. Delivery time

Products are packed and shipped within 2 to 3 days in average, following the acceptance of the payment. Delivery time of the transporter must be added and can span from 2 days to 2 weeks. PICULUS SARL cannot be hold responsible for any delay of the delivery of the product ordered.

If the buyer is not present at delivery, or if the buyer do not pick up the product within the time frame stipulated by the transporter or by La Poste, the product shall be returned to PICULUS SARL. PICULUS SARL shall then reimburse the buyer at the exception of the shipping cost, back and forth.

3. Delivery location

Products are delivered at the place indicated by the buyer during the order process. The buyer  is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided during the order process. The buyer   shall also make sure that the delivery location is accessible in respect to the product ordered.

In case of mistake concerning the information provided by the buyer or if the delivery locatin is not accessible, potential return shipping costs shall be charged to the buyer.

4. Reception of your order

It is recommended that the buyer unpacks the product in the presence of the transporter and before signing the receipt.

In case of any anomaly observed (damaged package or product, delivery time and date not conforming), the anomaly must be precisely mentioned on the receipt, and the buyer can refuse the product, otherwise the transporter could not be held liable. It is important that this anomaly shall also be mentionned to PICULUS SARL.

If the products have not been unpacked and if the buyer identifies a missing product, a default of a non conformity with reference to the order, the buyer shall submit a claim by recommended letter to PICULUS SARL within 2 days after delivery.

5. Claims

If the Customer wants to make a claim about a delivery, or if he prétends that the delivery didn't happen, he needs to contact first PICULUS SARL Customer Service to explain the problem he met. Then, he will be asked to contact the shipping company to open an investigation as a consignee. PICULUS SARL will make another investigation opened as a sender. The conclusions of the shipping company's investigation will be the only evidence. No order could be paid back to the Customer if the shipping company's investigation's conclusions say that the parcel is considered as effectively delivered or if no particular problem occured during the delivery.  


Updated June 2022

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