R&M Coudert is committed since 1979 !

Made in France

Design & Quality

The R&M Coudert lights are proudly made in France, but this is not all !

Our materials come also from our country which allows us to provide you with a prefect product traceability. The proximity with our subcontractors and suppliers is also the best quality guarantee we could deliver ! Have a look at our « Tour de France » of our products :

  • Our raw material, the Priplak PP comes from Oise region
  • Our resin comes from Seine & Marne area
  • Our fabrication is made in the Yvelines neighbourhood
  • Then the finishing and packing take place in Clichy, near Paris.

All our products are tested and certified according to CE regulations

by an independent lab test, Pourquery in Lyon city...

Environment and Ecology

Our materials

Priplak® is the main material we like to use for our funny range of lights.

It is a high-class and ecologic, 100% recyclable plastic. And we are committed to recycling 100% of our plastic waste !

The manufacturing of this material doesn’t require resource in water

and doesn’t cause any toxic gas emission. It is a resistant material, without chlorine and containing no harmful additive. The Priplak® is lighter than some traditional plastics and so contributes to the decrease of the costs of transport and CO² emissions.

And for some more of ecology, all our lamps are delivered to flat, it's less volume to carry. It's fun and smart for the planet ! : discover our concept

Made in France Easy mounting 20W maxi (ex-60W) Colissimo tracking 48H
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